How to cure major depression without drugs

I got the depression, but was fully recovered lucky. I would like to introduce the story to complete recovery from the disease. I'd appreciate if it helps people suffering from depression. This page is translated by google translater. Original page is here

The inconvenient truth for the psychiatrist

Please let me touch on the issue of psychiatry at the beginning first. Because I'd like to introduce that is very important, there is a discussion of these.

But if you are the one called painful to read a long sentence in the people who are suffering from depression, please refer to the section "information of Toyo Hari Medical Association and acupuncturist Institute that I have visited" at the bottom.

The ambiguous basis of psychotropic drugs

I've been drinking psychotropic drugs which have been prescribed from psychiatrist for eight months. But it did not become any better besides withdrawal symptoms and side effects has just come out, let alone heal. So I was wondering about the effects of psychotropic drugs, I heard about a doctor who is claiming of anti-psychiatry from a friend. His name is Satoshi Utsumi.

Satoshi Utsumi is working doc, but he has continued to appeal the risk of psychiatric medical community and psychotropic drugs.

According to the claim of Mr. Utsumi, the dependency and effects of the psychotropic medicine is similar to the drug, and it is possible that permanent damage to the brain is caused by them. The psychotropic drugs has been developed consistent with the chemical imbalance theory of neurotransmitters in the brain. But Mr. Utsumi says that the theory was proven even without any basis.

So it was examined a little by myself, I found a problem of chemical imbalance theory is written to wikipedia.


Chemical imbalance is one hypothesis for the cause of mental illness .

(This is a quotation from the wikipedia of Japan.)

You know? it is just a hypothesis. But pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrist do not attempt to publish actively it.

For healthy people, the concentration of serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine can be lowered experimentally and it does not affect the feel at all

(This is also a quotation from the wikipedia of Japan.)

This description has been removed too soon. Convenient Will was wrong.

Chemical imbalance theory is unreasonable, because not only there is no hypothesis as replace, it is good in promoting drug treatment.
In addition, Researchers talk about the inconvenient truth, then he is under pressure from various fields
Pharmaceutical industry has been promoting the spread primarily, and has been lobbied to various peripheral industry.In order to get a complete picture of the chemical imbalance, it is also necessary to understand the surrounding circumstances.

(This is also a quotation from the wikipedia of Japan.)

Chemical imbalance theory is unreasonable. You know?

I thought about the claim of Utsumi and the circumstances that I have recovered and the problems of psychiatry since then I am confident that the attending physician had prescribed me drugs with no basis at all.

Marketing of pharmaceutical company

Further I found that it was pointed out in the Wikipedia about the relationship of the proliferation of depressed patients with SSRI ( typical psychotropic drug)

Wikipedia:Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor(SSRI)

It has been an increase in depression in the 20th century, but it is in line with the widespread use of SSRI. Depressed patients increases across the board in all the countries of the world medicine for depression called SSRI drug prices high is sold. Campaign of pharmaceutical companies have an impact there. There is a rule of thumb after the introduction of the SSRI, patients with depression would increase to 2-fold in six years.

(This is also a quotation from the wikipedia of Japan.)

This description was also deleted all too soon.

Recently even being shy and woman's unstable mood of premenstrual are treated uniformly as a kind of depression and SSRI is prescribed. Symptoms of them would be caused by a lack of noradrenaline and serotonin really?

Consideration of alternative treatment

I think many people believe that there is no hospital which prescribes wrong medicine, but common sense is not always right. You should take a look at by your own hands once. Because there are many people who reports on the net that they have been drinking psychotropic drugs for decades. I think we should suspect psychiatry, psychotropic drugs from the fact that.

I was cured by acupuncture rather than hospital treatment. So I think those who consider alternative treatment rather than the treatment of hospital is good. However unscrupulous alternative treatment of depression There are different types aboard the depression boom recently. To find a treatment that suits them from the order that is hard. However it is recommended to look for my other treatments and courage if you do not go away but still be kept drinking psychotropic drugs.

Well, from here my records against major depression begins. There was no improvement by the psychotropic drugs unfortunately, but I have recovered by an alternative treatment luckily. Please refer to what followed the road to recovery how.

My records on battles with major depression

October 2010 insomnia begins

 I can not sleep even if no matter how hard. .

Work suddenly doubled in the company from the transfer, besides In response to opposition from subordinates and colleagues from the first of how to proceed with work, went reservoir stress.The child is 2 years old, just in childcare for unwillingly period of 2-year-old child-specific, every day was a state of exhaustion. As a result of attempts to keep in force the state of high tension and fired up strangely and trying to ride out such a situation, it has become to insomnia. And I started to dabble in sleeping pills available on the market gradually.

April 2011 psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry visits

 Visits for the first time

Because it no longer sleep at all in the sleeping pills on the market, has been consulted psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry. I was diagnosed with (so-called manic-depressive illness) Ⅱ type bipolar disorder If I explained repeatedly that it will be high and insomnia in psychiatry was introduced by the company. And I was prescribed flunitrazepam (sleeping pills), sulpiride (anti-depressants), sodium valproate (antimanic).

November 2012 leave start

休職 Leave of absence at last

Friction and colleagues busyness of work, with the subordinates not improved, symptoms of insomnia went more and more stress is strongly increased. There was no tendency to be better to drink the medicine that was prescribed. Then suddenly one day, it is impossible to get up from the bed, so that I was absent for a week as it is company. But the state did not recover even resting for a week, we decided to leave in consultation with the industrial physician or boss. It was a painful decision.

June 2013 Multiple prescription unchanged

 I do not know what kind or drank.

7 months leave of absence. State was not better season of the fresh green even come. The attending physician was very sincere, but I only prescribe medication every time. I was drinking mainly the SSRI Zoloft, but that had been prescribed sleeping pills and anti-anxiety drugs also several other. It is proposed to whether it is through the Tokyo Metropolitan Central comprehensive mental health center for job training. Beginning with radio gymnastics, last with a brief work training he'll increase the load to three months gradually. But a sense of crisis was recruited When would have been to people with disabilities in this state is the story.

And so began to feel depression would not heal, even hanging on the psychiatric that through nearly two years already, and I began trying acupuncture and chiropractic to advertise to be effective against depression. But the place where it worked good can not be found.

July 2013 Start the treatment of acupuncture flow pulse diagnosis

I started to think and I wonder not heal enough to find out by examining on the net. At that time I found a comment that depression was cured by acupuncture pulse diagnosis flow of Toyo Hari Medical Association on Facebook. It was half in doubt, but in a desire to do something, I consulted looking for acupuncturists Institute that belongs to Toyo Hari Medical Association in the vicinity.

The acupuncturists who is blind and elderly examined me. He said to be "absolutely curable" in the first interview, but I did not believe it will be better. As a result of passing through at a rate of once a week, I was struck acupuncture in the neck at the time of the visit of the third, and the acupuncturist said that "to the acupuncture that will let you sleep". What! ! I have now, such as sleep without sleeping pills from the day. We were freed from insomnia distressed two years. I did not believe it. .

Acupuncture pulse diagnosis flow is very different from acupuncture in general. Acupuncture pulse diagnosis flow uses a small needle is very thin compared to other acupuncture. There is no sense at all without pain and therefore, that they sting. They will continue to promote the treatment and check the pulse each time the needle prick. In order to do not know that the bites acupuncture, there is no exhilaration after the treatment unlike other acupuncture. But I do not know the principle, but It works oddly enough.

Post on Facebook that triggered to know the flow acupuncture pulse diagnosis of Toyo Hari Medical Association

That of Toyo Hari Medical Association has been written in the comments.

August 2013 reinstatement

 Return in no time

I have returned to work in one and a half months from the start of acupuncture. Industrial physician was also surprised by the speed of recovery of a sudden. Of course I explained about the flow acupuncture pulse diagnosis, but he did not believe me at all. It has been dismissed as "must also have such belief in you."

But I was healed, no matter what anyone says. I do not go to psychiatry now, and I do not drink any medicine that has been prescribed previously.

I do not think that's the only treatment is acupuncture flow pulse diagnosis. But I think that it is one of the most effective means. And I think that it is the treatment that is worth to try once to people who have complained of depression does not go away to drink a psychotropic drug..

information of Toyo Hari Medical Association and the Academy of acupuncturists that I have visited

Murakami Chinese medicine acupuncture clinic

It is the Institute acupuncturist that I have visited. When I saw this website. . . .I wonder if the treatment decent? However prowess of elderly acupuncturist who was the president of Toyo Hari Medical Association is great. First visit fee is 1700 yen, treatment fee is 3800 yen. Sunday and holidays, first, three Monday is closing the office. It is preferable to early reservation so very crowded Saturday.

Toyo Hari Medical Association

Toyo Hari Medical Association was founded in Japan. However, there are branches in all over the world Fortunately.

Toyo Hari North America Branch

Toyo Hari UK Branch

Toyo Hari EU Branch

You will be treated the same as I have received in the clinic that is a member of the Toyo Hari Medical Association.